[:TCR:] Savagery : Axe of Disdain


src=”https://hayleykorpov.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/axe6_005.jpg?w=650″ />I hi everyone would like to introduce you to the new weapon from [:TCR:] Savagery : Axe of Disdain so why not get down to tcr store and get yourselves a copy it really is the best weapon I have seen for a looong time 😀

To enter combat mode…. Type /8 draw and press ENTER – Turns ON Combat Mode (Gesture provided)

To get out of combat mode….. Type /8 sheath and press ENTER – Turns OFF Combat Mode (Gesture provided)

To access your options menu…. Type /8 menu and press ENTER or simply click the “Wrench” icon found on the TCR Hud. Options:    “Idle On / Off” is for activating Idle animations whenever you release Left Mouse button                  “Sound On / Off” is for Hit and Swing Sound Effects                  “Stand / Move” is for movement while on combat                  “Stand 1 / Stand 2” is for different types of Stances                  “Stance On / Off” is for Stance activation while holding Left Mouse Button


Melee Attacks: While your weapon is drawn, press and hold the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and press the directional keys or WASD.

Security: This weapon cannot be stacked (multiple copies in one attachment point) so please be warned. Any scripts of this weapon are not supposed to be copied and used on any other objects or weapons. Creators of this item as well as CCS Admins (specially Suzanna Soyinka) will automatically be alerted once any of our script securities are triggered.

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